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Valentine’s Heart Wreath

We love to use cardboard tubes in our house for crafts. My daughter is like a magpie when she sees an empty tube, squirrelling them under her bed for future craft activities! We also love hanging wreaths in our house.

You will need: 11 toilet rolls or 4 kitchen rolls, a stapler, scissors, red paint, paintbrush and ribbon.

Start by cutting the toilet rolls in half, this can be tricky for little ones. We found if I started by making the hole, Little Miss D then carried on cutting the tube in half.

Lay the mini tubes in a heart shape, I then used the stapler to staple the rolls together.

Now you’re ready to paint the wreath, Little Miss D had great fun painting the wreath. Leave to dry, it took a good hour to dry. When it’s dry, make a hole in the top and thread the ribbon through the hole. Now its ready to hang!

Here’s a picture of our finished wreath.


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