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Easy Valentine’s Crafts

Spread some love this Valentine’s Day with a few homemade crafts. Here’s one that will definitely brighten up your home!

Hanging Hearts

This is an easy craft activity, that took us about an hour. You can hang these hearts in your window or thread them onto ribbon to make a garland for the mantelpiece. Little Miss D decided to hang them on the door of our playroom.

You will need some coloured paper (we recycled pieces of leftover wrapping paper), a pencil, sequins or pom-poms, scissors, hole punch, tape and scissors.

Begin by folding the sheets of paper in half and cut out heart shapes.

Decorate the hearts with sequins, pom poms or glitter. We used all three!


Now punch a hole in the top of each heart, my daughter loved using the hole punch and it’s a great tool to build strength in little hands. Thread the ribbon through the hole of the heart and tie a knot at the end. Hang the hearts in your chosen window.










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