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Easter Sock Bunny

We both had great fun making Socktopus puppets last week on one of our snow days. Little Miss D enjoyed it so much, she asked if we could make more sock animals.

Here is our a second sock animal, the Easter Sock bunny. It would make a great craft activity for the Easter holidays.

You will need: a clean sock, rice or toy stuffing, pom-pom, 2 elastic bands, ribbon, 2 googly eyes, pink/white felt, scissors and glue.

1. Pour the rice into the sock.

2. To make the bunny’s head and body, tie an elastic band at the top of the sock. Then make a head shape and tie the second elastic band.

3. Cut the top of the sock in half to create two ears, glue the layers together.

4. Use the glue to stick on the nose, teeth, insides of ears, bob tail and the heart on the bunny’s tummy.

5. Finally, tie the ribbon into a bow around the bunny’s neck.

If you want to save time finding all the resources, we have Easter Sock Bunny kits available with all the materials ready to go!


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