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Spring Flower Crafts

It looks like Spring is almost here! This weekend we noticed that some pretty bright flowers were starting to pop up in our garden, so we decided to make some of our very own using hand and feet prints. These pictures would make a great card or gift for Mother’s Day.

You will need: coloured or white A4 paper, 4 colours of paint, paintbrushes, 1 straw, scissors and glue.

We began by painting Little Miss D hands using one colour of paint and then she pressed her hands down on the A4 white paper. We continued to do this using all the different colours of paint and then left them to dry.

We then painted our feet (this was Little Miss D’s favourite bit) and pressed them down onto the A4 white paper to make prints. Once the prints were all dry, we cut around them leaving a 0.5cm white border.

Using the glue, we stuck a foot print onto a coloured sheet of  paper to look like a vase. We then cut 3 small pieces of the straw and stuck them onto the picture to make stems. Finally, we stuck the flower heads onto the picture.

We both love hearts and decided to cut out some heart shapes and add them to our picture. You could also add ribbon bows to the flowers or vase if you wanted.

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